Below is a student example of an origin myth entitled "Cycle of Love." "Cycle of Love" is the story of a love relationship between a Sky Princess and a Prince of the Sea. It explains the Earth's water cycle.

Long ago, there was a beautiful Sky Princess who was the daughter of the great Sky God. She was a sweet young girl, with a giant heart and the greatest ability to love. Then, while taking a nap in the clouds, she had a dream about a man. This man was the Prince of the Sea, a caring, compassionate man. For many days and nights, the princess daydreamed and wondered about him. Then, the Sky Princess set out on a mission to find him.

At the first sight of this dream boy, the princess was overwhelmed with infatuation, “Oh, who is this man?” she asked herself, absolutely oblivious to her volume as she crouched hidden behind rocks. The man, with a careful ear, heard the princess, and strolled over to where she was hiding.

With a gentle smile, he replied “I am the Prince of the Sea.” Then he put out his hand to help the princess up. She stood in awe, and he continued to introduce himself, “My father is the Sea God. You must be the Sky Princess.”

“Yes, yes. How do you know?” the princess asked dazed.

“I’ve had dreams about you; dreams of which I can remember every detail; Dreams that make me wonder about you; dreams that make me feel I already know you. Have you had dreams about me?”

“Yes,” the princess assured, I’ve had many dreams. I wanted to know why I dream of you. I was hoping to find you and-”

The prince interrupted, “I am glad you found me. Please, come with me.” Without hesitation, the princess took hold of the prince’s hand, and joined him. They wandered the ocean, spoke of love and dreams, and found themselves gazing into each other’s eyes. The two found that they had very much in common. However, time caught up with them, and the princess had to return home.

“Come back,” asked the prince. “ I have to see you again.”

“I promise,” and the princess left to her home in the clouds.

The princess returned home, with many questions still. She decided to approach her father and ask him what he knew about the Prince of the Sea.

“Father, what do you know about the Prince of the Sea?” Shocked, the Sky God turned a deep red.

“You will not speak of the Prince of the Sea ever!”

“Wait, why Father?” the princess asked, her eyes glistening stars. Her father calmed down, ashamed of his anger and held his daughter in his arms.

“My dear, the Prince of the Sea is son of the Sea God, an old rival of mine. We have fought long ago, before you were born, and I swore to myself that I would never inform you about those horrible people of the sea.”

The princess was stunned. She knew that she could not tell her father about her newest romance. So, she bit her tongue, and went to sleep, only to dream of her prince. The next day, she told the prince of this news, and he too, promised to keep this love affair a secret.

“I will do whatever it takes to be able to love you,” the prince swore, and he leaned in to kiss the soft lips of his beautiful princess.

For the longest time, the prince and princess learned more about one another. They spent hours everyday with each other, appreciating every single minute, careful not to lose a second of time. The secrecy, however, soon got the better of the couple.

One day, the princess gathered all of her courage, and approached her father. For the longest time, she had dreamed of this prince, and now she had him. She wanted marriage, and a family, but she needed her father’s acceptance. Her determination to live happily with her love, and her faith in her father was all it took to spill out her words.

“Father, do you remember when I asked you about the Prince of the Sea?”

“I thought I explained to you that you must never speak of him!” her father scolded, outraged that the matter had come up, once again.

“I am in love with him! I want to marry him! Please, Father! Grant me this one wish!” the princess begged.

The Sky God, with lack of sympathy, continued to scold his daughter, and forbid her to see the prince ever again.

Hurt, and torn, the princess laid in the clouds. She remembered the moments she spent with the prince, laughing, living, and loving, but there was nothing she could do. When it was more than she could take, she cried and cried and cried. Her tears poured through the clouds, and dripped into the sea.

The Prince of the Sea felt her pain. He shared the same hurt, not being able to be with the one he loved. So once she was all cried out, he gathered all of her tears, and turned them into an unseen vapor of love, visible only to the princess. This vapor serves as a reminder to the princess of his undying affection for her. The vapor comforted the princess, but not enough for her to stop crying. When there was nothing more to comfort her, and she was drowned in memory of her love, she cried again. The tears fall to the sea, and the prince collects her cries, continuing the cycle of love. To this day, the cycle remains. We know this process as the water cycle. It is the prince and princess’s way of exchanging their love.

By Helena Miech